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Review: Office 2010 Beta (Setup)

 Well, if you don’t already know, Office 2010 Beta was released on Nov 18 2009. If you haven’t gotten it already, you can at http://office.com/beta

As we can see here, the UI for setup has changed, with new graphics, icons, and such. Of course, the Microsoft Software License terms, remain the same.


Upon clicking continue, the user is then confronted with another dialog, after accepting the terms of course, whether to install or customize the install. For this review, I’m going to click Install.


Again (Below) we see how Office 2010 is now installing, same dialog as the old Technical preview, but with the new graphics.



Some new things I have noticed, the “activation failed” for when you unsuccessfully activate Office, in the title window bar, its red, and doesn’t go well at all with the look and feel of office. It just stands out like a sore thumb.



When you attempt to activate your product, you are asked to enter your key, and then “Install now” ? Huh, why do I have to reinstall the product. So I do what it says, I click Install Now, and it reconfigures office basically, with the new key.



So then it finishes, but wait.. that window I opened before (Word 2010) still has that red product activation failed bar?


So I go, and close Word 2010, and re-open it, and I am presented with this nice screen that says, hey, want to go activate your product.. didn’t I just do that?



So I go and click “Next”


Ok, then I click Close.. hmm wondering what will happen here?


Oh still, that ugly red bar hasn’t gone away.. why?


So I close Word 2010 one again, and then re-open it.


Yay, its gone :)



Ok, now that we got that annoyance out of the way. Time to review the product in depth. Stay tuned for my further reviews of Microsoft Office 2010 Beta.

Jonathan Yaniv