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Review: Universal Network Cable

We all were in this at one time. You are in a customer’s house, and they have a different type of network connection, either rolled, crossover, or something else. You are hunting through your bag for a converter, and notice, you don’t have one! Not anymore, Geoffrey Bilder has invented a Universal Network Cable that has all of these different standards, built into one neat device. You just spin around the dial, and bingo, there is your converter. How cool is that! The Universal Network Cable supports rolled, crossover, straight-through, loopback, and T1. Now, how much is this, and where can I buy it? Well, it’s not that expensive really, and it’s not going to fall apart like imitations purchased off eBay. Nope, this is available now at Staples and ThinkGeek.com for currently $29.99 at ThinkGeek and for $27.99 at Staples.ca

Overall, genius idea Geoffrey, and I am without any hesitation going to give your product a 5/5!


Review: Novero TheTalkyOne

Novero is known for really beautifully designed products, following the mentality of Apple. TheTalkyOne is a beautifully and minimally designed BlueTooth speakerphone that lets you accept calls and make calls while driving.

The text to speech functionality allows it to read out text messages, and also will announce the names of your callers, if supported. The TalkyOne provides such features as noise reduction, and echo cancellation, as well as DSP. Battery life is approximately 180 hours of standby time, and 15 hours of continuous talk time.

TheTalkyOne comes with an attachment, supported by velcro, if you want to attach it to your car’s dash, as well as a clip for attaching to your sun visor.

Pairing is extremely easy. Entering a single code, and boom, your able to use the device to answer and receive calls. I would definitely recommend TheTalkyOne who anyone who wants some style in their life, and a really high-end Bluetooth speakerphone.

Review: Memorex MyVideo HD

Memorex’s MyVideo HD Camcorder is an amazing device for the simple person, or for people who want to shoot quick YouTube videos. It records 720p high-definition content, takes 5MP photos. It’s current price is $129.99.

It gives its standard specifications for today’s pocket camcorders. 4GB of internal memory, 2 inch display, a LiOn battery (which is charged via USB connection).

It has really good features such as digital image stabilization and HDMI out. After doing several tests in regards to still images, they were best taken in a bright environment.

I haven’t had much of a chance to review other competitors, such as the Flip Video MinoHD, but as a first impression, and considering the price, the MyVideo HD by Memorex is a good buy.

Picking at the design, yes it feels like a toy, to be honest. Its light, it isn’t heavy at all. I really wish they would not use a plastic based enclosure, but more like a shiny polished metal. Menus are very clear, and easy to navigate. There is a large red button in the middle that starts recording. The design, feels cheap.

Another peeve is the need to have to insert the LiOn battery into the unit before charging it. There is no external battery charger, so really, what’s the point of a removable battery? The unit is $130, the LiOn batteries can get expensive. If the battery was to die, I’d most likely go out and purchase a whole new unit.

Overall, I mean, it’s fantastic for the price. It isn’t really something you can fall in love with, but different people have different tastes. It is an amazing gift to fill up stockings at Christmas. Overall, I am going to give the Memorex MyVideo HD a rating of 4/5. It can do better on the build quality.